We are all given the gift of life and with it comes our limitless potential. Yet very few of us unlock this potential & actualize our true purpose. We become depressed, anxious and caught up in the daily stresses of life, so much so, we're blind to the true abundance lying dormant within us all. It's time to rekindle our inner power, to harness all the strength we have within ourselves, and become empowered to grow into the fierce, unstoppable individual we're born to be.   We all want freedom. However, not many people understand that true freedom comes from ridding yourself of all the negative conditioning programmed into us by society from an early age. We are told to be realistic. To not to blare off into the night in hot pursuit of our dreams, instead to settle for less and live a life of mediocrity. But this doesn't have to be the case. When we become highly self-aware, an entire ocean of possibilities opens up to us. 


Our minds become malleable and every thought can be a manifestation of our own destiny. It beings with love, and not just “love” but Unconditional Love for ourselves. Only then can we begin living with authenticity, and with authenticity comes true freedom.  Fear, depression, anxiety, and stress are just a few of the bothersome ailments this coaching program has helped cure. Mindfulness has been widely used as a therapeutic psychological technique since the dawn of time for a reason. It works. It gives us divine peace of mind to truly live in the present and be the person we we're meant to be with awareness. Struggles like progressing in our career and overcoming negative self-talk are disheartening but become a breeze the more we practice mindful living. Through our journey together I strive to teach my friends how to develop the awareness to recognize our gifts and carry the peace we need to truly begin living our best life.

Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching With Greg

Each package is personally customized to match every individual’s goals


Single Sessions

($75 USD per session)

  • 1 hr Meditation or Mindfulness session with included journal writing and workbook prompts.
  • Please contact me for information on single sessions

6 Week Extensive Guided Meditation Package


(6 Sessions – $400 USD)

Recommended for those:

  • Beginners strictly looking to develop a meditation or mindfulness practice
  • Experienced strictly looking to deepen meditation practice
  • Setting goals, routine & accountability
  • Cultivating positive habits and practices

90 Day Acceptance Package

(12 Sessions – $900 USD)

Recommended for those:

  • Dealing with daily stresses, having a hard work-life balance
  • dealing with cycles of depression, anxiety, overwhelming fear, or anger
  • Feeling stuck and wanting to develop positive habits
  • Searching for career path or unhappy with current career
  • Wanting to develop healthier relationships
  • Discover joy for life or unconditional self-love & acceptance
  • Wanting to develop authenticity, spirituality, and life direction

Also includes workings of Guided Meditation Package 

6 Month Transformational Package

(24 Sessions – $1800 USD)

Recommended for those:

  • Dealing with long-term issues such as: Depression 3+ years, Anxiety 3+ years, anger management, deep rooted trauma or conditioning, past emotional trauma, etc.
  • New to mindfulness & meditation looking to make it a life-long practice
  • Wanting a complete re-wiring of brain and life change
  • Wanting a spiritual awakening 
  • Wanting to develop positive habits

(Also includes workings of Guided Meditation & Acceptance packages)

Payment Plans are available and can be accommodated accordingly

Additional glimpse into what more you’ll learn in private sessions

Meditate – Learn all the basics of ‘how’ to meditate or deepen your already existing meditation practice.

Create the habit of a regular meditation and if you choose be held accountable for your regular practice.

• Integrate various mindfulness techniques into your daily life – including mindful walking, mindful eating and mindful working.

Do various relaxation exercises, and a meditation for every occasion

• Train your mind to live more in the present moment – instead of being pulled away to worries of the past or future.

• Improve your ability to ‘respond’ versus ‘react’ to challenges that come your way, being better able to manage your emotions.

• Increase your productivity – by learning how to become more focused and decrease multi-tasking.

• Improve your relationships with others – through mindful communication practices that you will learn.

• Train your mind to be more positive – learning to focus on what’s right in your life versus what’s wrong.

• Increase of gratitude & overall happiness

• Development of Unconditional Love & Self Acceptance

• Increase your creativity & authenticity without fear of judgment

• How to lower your comparison

• How to engage with the beauty of your inner life and outer world

• Feeling of oneness and wholesome connection

Manifesting your life’s desires and biggest goals

• Dealing with failure 

Plus much more along the journey

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